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About Our Staff

Carroll Dannettell, EA has over 20 years experience working with taxes, accounting, and payroll and has trained with some of the best in the industry. Carroll has been an Enrolled Agent since 2007 and she established Well Balanced Financial Services, Inc. in 2008. Carroll has built her business off of loyalty, professionalism, and trust. She loves what she does and takes great pride in her work. Her experience, hard work, dedication, and passion is what has led her company to be one of the most trusted financial firms in Lakewood.


 Thom Norlund, Business Consultant - Thom works with our Well Balanced clients as a Independent Business Consultant.  Thom brings over 30-years of experience as a senior leader. As the founder of Tenor Global Consulting Group, Thom provides services to business, K-12 and collegiate education, healthcare, nonprofit/not-for-profit, municipalities, and economic development sectors.  


Thom has over 15-years of experience as a Senior Leader in state and national Performance Excellence Award programs. State award recipients are recognized by the state's Governor. The President of the United States presents the national award. 

Thom is passionate about helping organizations achieve world-class performance in leadership, planning and execution, customer and market focus, in the use of data and knowledge, employee engagement, management and improvement of processes and in evaluating outcomes and results. 

Tenor Global brings a team of accomplished senior leaders with experience in multiple sectors and with the skills to assess, mentor and coach world-class approaches within our client’s organizations.

Ruth Keck - Payroll Consultant - Ruth is our payroll guru and master of making sure all payrolls tie down at the end of the quarter.  Ruth brings years of experience as a former business owner herself to the table.  She also works with our companies in the Accounts Payables to make sure all payments get correctly applied.   Ruth has been a great asset to our team, being a queen of organization.